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Maine Coon Grooming

Maine Coon Grooming can be as easy as little daily maintenance for a pet or complex grooming required for a show cat. A little dedication for a few moments a day can have a big pay off with long hair breeds of cat. It can help prevent hairball, hair mats and large hair mat that may have to be cut off if left untreated.

How many times do I need to groom a Maine Coon?

Maine Coons depending on hair length will need a hair brushing once or twice a week at the most. However if you Maine Coons hair is very long and thick they may need a bath every other week to prevent matting and oil build up. It’s important to remember how close to the ground you feline is every day. The tail on a Maine coon is much like a swifter dust mop, it can pick up lint, dust, mud and much more gunk.

Do I Need a Professional Groomer?

Longhair Maine Coon cats need regular grooming. Taking your Maine Coon Kitten to the groomer is not a bad idea. You should “evaluate” you grooming skills. Semi daily brushing/detangeling is still needed but a professional groomer once a month can really help. Professional groomers are training, skill, and experience. A good groomer can get your cat’s coat looking spiffy quickly and humanely.

You want to groom at home?

Grooming a Maine Coon happens around the world hundreds of times a day. It not climbing mount Everest but newbies be warned a Maine Coon has a thick coat and under coat requiring at least two shampooings. Remember to us restraint! You cat may not like getting a bath. You must teach you Maine Coon to enjoy the bath tub.

Daily Brushing

Maine Coons can really enjoy being brushed. The key is to make this an enjoyable activity. When you go to brush you should start out petting your cat getting them “in the mood”. Never go straight at your cats face with a brush, you will scare them.

  1. Start with a metal comb working from head to tail.
  2. Then a rubber brush to remove dead and loose hair.
  3. **Be extra-gentle near her chest and belly**


Maine Coons coat will become greasy and oily after an extended period of time. Seriously consider if you can get your cat completely dry other wise you should go to a professional grooming facility. If you do not dry properly you maine coon will get tangled. Always use a shampoo made for cats. In fact they have shampoos for long hair breeds like Maine Coons.

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